Yoga Hotspot recognised by local business

Yoga Hotspot Brings Inner Peace to Chatswood
Yoga is recognised all over the world as a fantastic way to achieve physical fitness, improve flexibility and calm the mind. Whatever your reason for choosing to incorporate yoga into your life, you will notice the benefits of the practice in more than just your physical appearance; you’ll feel better mentally and spiritually as well.
Here at Yoga Hotspot, we have been dedicated to bringing the practice of yoga to the people of Chatswood for over seven years. Throughout that period, we have come to be recognised as one of the top three yoga studios in Greater Sydney. We are so proud of this achievement, and proud to be have been recognised by Bupa Dental Insurance‚Äč for our commitment to the local community in their article, ‘Get to know your local dentist in Chatswood‘. The dentist in question is Dr Bernard Taylor who nominated the top businesses and organisations in Chatswood who make it a better place for all of our local residents.
At Yoga Hotspot, it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an advanced yogi or if you don’t know the difference between tree pose and an actual tree. We offer classes for every level of experience, so you can get started at a level that feels comfortable for you. We offer a caring and compassionate environment where your health and well-being is always the top concern. We will never push you into a pose that is too challenging for your current skill level or that makes you feel uncomfortable. Our practice is all about making you feel your best.
In addition to the physical benefits you’ll get from practicing yoga, you’ll also have a chance to make friends with tons of like-minded people here at Yoga Hotspot. Many of our regular students have made friends here that will last a lifetime. It can be incredibly motivating to know that your friends are counting on you to show up for class, even on days when you don’t really feel like exercising. Having a supportive team around you can do wonders for your motivation, and you’ll feel great helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.
We have a special introduction offer of two weeks of unlimited classes for only $33, so newcomers can see which class is best for them. Stop by for a class today to join in on all the fun and friendship here at Yoga Hotspot!