Male Yoga

Why all guys need to do Yoga word from David

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  • Men with tight, stiff muscles and sore backs or achy joints – read on!
  • Men who want to be more popular with women – read on!
  • Men with anxiety and anger issues – read on!
  • Men who drink a bit too much and eat too much rubbish – read on!
  • Men who would love to have a better bowel movement every day – read on!

YOGA, especially when practiced in a heated room is widely acknowledged today to be the perfect complement to a wide range of sports and physical activities from rugby to golf; soccer to distance running. Sporting legends like Pat Rafter, The Waratahs, Phil Mickleson, Ryan Giggs and David Beckham practice yoga!

It is also the PERFECT activity for guys who are not sporty but need to move their bodies.

Yoga takes a strong, stiff man and makes him more flexible; takes a flexible man and makes him stronger. Makes an athlete less injury prone and a chair sitter more comfortable on his butt and on his feet. Takes everyone to new levels of comfort and confidence. Helps to tone and shape.Rugby Yoga

Yoga reduces stress and anger through muscular release and deep breathing. Assists in digestion and leads to better lifestyle choices.

Men who do yoga are more attractive to women. Period!

Start adding one or two hot yoga classes to your schedule every week.  Right NOW AT THE DAWN OF THE NEW YEAR is the best time to start! As a younger man I often jumped out of bed in the mornings and ran on to the footy field or tennis court – only to regret not stretching out my hamstrings, hips and shoulders in the preceding days.

I often suffered from poor digestion, poor posture and irritability.

A regular yoga practice has literally CHANGED MY LIFE!