What Are The Benefits of Yoga Practice

Yoga is available to everyone and every body. It is not just for flexible people, nor is the goal of yoga just to become flexible. Rather, flexibility is a by-product of regular practice.

People who practice yoga regularly 2-3 times per week report:Dave in Sukhasana

  • Increased serenity
  • Less stress
  • Lower blood pressure and anxiety
  • Increased cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Not to mention added strength and vitality


Why Hot Yoga?   

We practice hot yoga at Yoga Hotspot in gentle warmth of approximately 32 degrees. Our yoga studio uses safe, clean and healthy Far Infra Red radiant heat. We do hot yoga in the style of hatha vinyasa, power yoga beginners yoga.

Benefits of hot yoga include:

      • Sweating to encourage elimination of toxins from the bodyabout_heat1
      • Increased blood circulation without straining the heart
      • Increased oxygen in the blood
      • Improved immune function
      • Naturally relaxes muscles and joints
      • Eases soreness and pain

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