testimonialsHaving worked out at the gym for years, I can honestly say that Dave’s yoga class gave me the best full body workout to date!  Dave has a unique style in his instructing approach which brings you through the postures in a gentle encouraging way yet at the same time helping you to push yourself to reap the maximum benefits.  This coupled with the fact that there is such a welcoming and calming atmosphere to the Yoga Hotspot just makes me want to go back for more! (Danielle C – Gordon)

testimonialsAfter one class at Yoga Hotspot I feel better than I have felt for years. I feel cleansed and rinsed. I can’t wait to get back on the mat again. (Andy P)

Thank you for a wonderful class. I feel totally re-born (Keiko K – Chatswood)


testimonialsI have only been coming for couple of weeks and already my eyes feel and look brighter (Amy K)

This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Love it. (Aileen B)


testimonialsYoga Hotspot is Chatswood’s hidden gem! Through the professional and supportive guidance of the teachers, Yoga Hotspot nurtures me from the moment I walk through the door and leaves me with an innate sense of well being for hours afterwards. I never hesitate to recommend Yoga Hotspot to anyone. (Tegan S)


I would recommend Yoga Hotspot to anyone from a first-time student to a dedicated yogi. It has the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance. The classes are taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, you hardly realise how hard you are working. It provides an open and friendly environment, where any question is welcomed. In short – “Expert guidance and compassionate teachings”.

Val exudes a passion for her work, which is very inspiring and her ever-evolving choreography—whether for yoga, stretch, or fitness—is brilliant. She is the type of teacher who teaches from her heart and makes it not only a fun and enjoyable session, but a session that makes you look forward to coming back week after week! Its so ADDICTIVE. Every lesson leaves me in a state of NIRVANA. (Anjali – Gordon)


testimonialsI practice at Yoga Hotspot. My yoga practice makes me feel like a human being really should feel. (Arnika)



testimonialsVal and Dave have created a really unique and special yoga centre. It truly is the friendliest and most welcoming place I have ever trained… (Peter L – Chatswood)



It’s a joy to practice Power Yoga. I look forward to my classes each week knowing that for an hour or so I can focus on myself and step away from the outside world. Yoga Hotspot power classes are the ideal exercise – encompassing cardio, strength, flexibility and mind…

Power Yoga has helped me to become more focused and relaxed, and enables me to drop any stress affecting my life.  From a physical perspective, I am stronger, more flexible and in better overall shape then I have been for many years. (Dirk N – Chatswood)


testimonialsWhen you finish a class, life just doesn’t seem so bad… (Sonia B – Northbridge)



testimonialsThanks for inspiring me to fall in love with yoga. (Andrea R)



testimonialsAt Yoga Hotspot every teacher brings a unique professional approach to the practice. The vibe in the studio is always warm and friendly. If I walk in tired I walk out inspired! (Joanna W)


testimonialsDaily life can get very hectic and stressful and yoga helps me to stay focused on what really matters – well being and inner peace. Yoga Hotspot has a very special character that makes you feel welcomed and at home. (Elena E – Artarmon)


I have been attending Val’s classes for the past year. Her classes integrate not only the fluid movement of the various poses but also sense of calm and inner focus. I still have a long way to go but I am pretty confident that I can only improve. Thanks a lot Val for your wonderful classes. (Rajiv K – Gordon)

testimonialsI have now been a regular at Val’s class for the past 10 weeks and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that the practise really pushes you.  I feel that it is an excellent compliment to my health regime and provides an opportunity for me to benefit from the stretching and strength work that is involved in the practise.  My flexibility has improved and it irons out any soreness from my other exercises and I can see some definition starting to appear in my arms plus it just makes me feel great.  My osteopath said to me last week that he feels that I have really turned a corner in the past 6 to 8 weeks hmmmm wonder if that’s a coincidence or not?!! (Stephanie T – North Sydney)

Yoga classes taught by Val are incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. She teaches with a great energy and a committed focus and I am very glad to have found my way into her classes! (Caroline R – Medow Bank)